Start on the journey of self-discovery and re-invention to transform your life and create a life you love with Self Discovery Sisterhood.

Gain a life of fulfillment and purpose with our dedicated, result-oriented resources and programs. Start by discovering what's standing between you and .

You may not believe it yet, but you deserve to have a high place of priority in your life.

Life's disruptions don't have to define you. Whether you're navigating through divorce, career change, or any pivotal life moment, we're here to guide you from a place of uncertainty, overwhelm and hopelessness to one of purpose, clarity and freedom.

You're not alone in this process. Let's work together to build your self awareness so you can create a plan for a life you will love to live.

Are you second guessing what to do next? Not sure what your purpose is anymore? Feeling lost with who you are and what you want?

You're in the right place.

I reached a point in my life where I realized I never truly got time to discover me...

Hello! My name is Terra, and I am the founder of the Self-Discovery Sisterhood. Before embarking on this transformative path, I found myself at a crossroads at the age of 40, realizing that I had ceased to ponder the dreams I wished to achieve, what I genuinely desired in life, and how I could pursue my true aspirations.

My own self discovery journey was a pivotal milestone in my quest for freedom. I share the tools and insights that have empowered me to reclaim confidence and create purpose.

Let's explore the depths of our potential together.

The Self Discovery Sisterhood helps you take control of your emotions, improve your relationships, and lead a more fulfilling life.

We've developed a transformative framework that has revolutionized the self-discovery journey for countless women. Regardless of the specific challenges or life circumstances you face, our carefully curated programs are designed to foster a deep sense of awareness. They guide you to identify how you uniquely experience the world around you, empower you to master your emotions, and create action strategies to keep you moving forward no matter what life throws your way.

Don't let another moment pass by wishing for change; seize this opportunity to change your life with a sense of excitement and anticipation for what the future holds.

Start your journey to know yourself, transform your thoughts and

re-invent your life.

Tailored specifically for women, our services are designed to be a partner and guide in your journey to self-discovery. Our programs are action-focused, leading you to radical change, not just surface-level, superficial changes.

Free events and workshops

Join hundreds of other women, and participate in our events and workshops! Each Friday, we host Free Your Mind Fridays that includes an open forum for the potential to experience group coaching live that can help you connect with other women, get soft coaching and more.

Self Discovery Challenge

Join this two-week challenge to get started on your awareness and action-focused journey to self discovery. Receive daily emails with guidance for your writing exercises, and our Coach Yourself to Freedom Workbook. Teaches how to master self discovery method.

Coach yourself to Freedom Program

This 8 week group coaching program is a live experience with Terra. You'll get fully equipped with what you need to re-invent yourself and uncover the path you desire most. With group coaching once a week, you get access to Terra and accountability partners so you get the support you need. Receiving access to all workbooks, you can unlock all aspects of what you need for your self- reinvention.

All of our programs follow the Self-Discovery Method.

Tailored specifically for women, this approach is designed to guide you through a profound exploration of your thoughts and emotions. Harmonizing the art of journaling, daily reflection, and strategic action planning, this method equips you with tools to master the journey of self-discovery. You'll build heightened awareness of yourself and take meaningful steps towards the person you aspire to be.

Your dreams aren’t dead; they're waiting for you to wake up. Together, we’ll clear away what's hiding them from you and create the life you want to life, breathing new life into your aspirations.

The Self-Discovery Sisterhood is here for you.

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