If you've ever been in a place where you don't know who you are any more or what you want to do next... you're not alone.

Hi there, I'm Terra.

In 2016 I was starting life over. I had lost everything I'd spent my life earning as a result of my obsession with gambling. My son was heading off to college, my bank account was empty and I was miserable inside.

I didn't know who I was or what I wanted anymore.

I didn't know why I had done this to myself. I didn't understand how I could've let it get so bad. I had spent my whole life building a career only to throw it all away. I knew something had to change. I was not living the life I wanted to be living. I also had absolutely no idea what I wanted AND I had so many things I wanted to be different.

It was then that I decided it was time to get help. It was time to focus on what I truly wanted, not what other people thought I should want, not what the world around me told me I should want, but what I wanted.

I began a 2 year journey of self-exploration getting to know myself deeply. I did therapy, I went to recovery meetings, I got help from coaches.

The most valuable thing I learned was that I was the only thing standing in my way of achieving my wildest goals.

All of my learning led me to create The Self Discovery Method which is a combination of journaling, daily reflection, and action planning.

When we work together, you will know yourself deeply, you will trust yourself to make clear decisions, and you will take massive action on your goals.

Self Discovery Sisterhood was developed to help women navigate through pivotal life moments and gain action-focused tools to re-invent their life and re-discover their purpose.

Without second-guessing, without self-doubt, and without giving up.

The Self-Discovery Method is focused on helping you get crystal clear on what you want next, what you need to get there, and move you forward to the actions that matter.

Unique and effective approach: The Self Discovery Method is a powerful and one-of-a-kind approach that empowers you to re-create your life. Through a combination of self-reflection, action-based workbooks, and personalized coaching, you will uncover your true desires, and confidently pursue them.

Tailored framework: Our framework guides you through a profound exploration of your thoughts and emotions. Through that exploration and awareness, you gain tools to keep you moving forward no matter what life throws your way.

Action-oriented workbooks and coaching: Our workbooks combine education, reflection, and practical exercises that will move you into action towards your goals. We provide the tools and resources you will need to support your personal growth, and empower you to make positive, lasting changes in your life.

The Self-Discovery Method is the culmination of years of in-depth research, distilled into accessible programs and workbooks. This blend of journaling, daily reflection, and strategic action planning will help you navigate and master your journey of self-discovery with ease.

The Self Discovery Sisterhood Workbooks

Our collection includes 7 distinct workbooks, each created to guide you toward greater clarity, emotional intelligence, and self-acceptance. We curated this collection of workbooks into a single program because they were the most common issues being faced by women re-inventing their lives. We took things that were commonly frustrating for women, therefore creating each workbook with women to fit individual needs of coaching students. Each workbook teaches you how to apply the Self-Discovery method in areas where you need the most support. When paired with our coaching programs, these resources provide comprehensive support and direction, empowering you on your journey of self-discovery.

The first step to transformation may seem intimidating--trust us, we've been there. We've created a facebook community of women who have experienced pivotal life events that are on their own journey of self discovery. You will not be alone on this journey.

Why a dandelion? The significance of the Self-Discovery Sisterhood logo.

The dandelion, emblematic of the Self Discovery Sisterhood, stands for resilience, healing, and thriving against the odds.

Often dismissed as a mere weed, the dandelion is a potent symbol of survival. Unlike the delicate rose, which requires specific conditions to flourish, dandelions burst through concrete, showing us that we might be more akin to this robust plant than the fragile rose. It teaches us resilience, to bloom when possible, and to spread our influence widely.

If you've ever felt overlooked, consider the dandelion: misjudged yet resilient, providing both herbs and flowers. Like the dandelion dispersing its seeds to the wind, our self-discovery journey is about spreading our deepest dreams with hope.

This steadfast plant flourishes in tough environments, reminding us of our inner strength and our potential to rise, transform, and reach our fullest potential as we embark on our path of self-discovery.



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